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Prehistoric town of Torretrencada

One of the 8 taluas that remain standing

Torretrencada is one of the many Talayotic towns that we can find in Menorca, although one of the few that still conserves its standing taula. These prehistoric settlements were built between 1200 and 500 BC. Due to the passing of the centuries and the uses that more recent people have made of its spaces, only a part of what was the settlement remains, although Torretrencada has some of the most distinctive constructions of the Talayotic culture: The aforementioned taula and part of its enclosure, a talayot, two hypostyle rooms and several funerary caves.


Additional Information:

You find the road to get there at an entrance to the south on the road between Ciudadela and Mercadal. The road is narrow, with curves and little visibility. There is a small parking with capacity for about 6 cars, but beyond that, there is no other infrastructure or service in the place. This is a Talayotic village that has not yet been excavated, so the route, on foot, crosses a purely rural environment. The tour lasts approximately 30 minutes. Admission is free.


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